Rotary Club of Formby ---Know Your Blood Pressure Day, on 13 April 2019 Chapel Lane Surgery in Formby Village.

Stroke Association and Rotary Club help save lives in FORMBY

The StrokeAssociation and Rotary International are joining forces to help raise awarenessof one of the biggest risk factors for stroke: high blood pressure. They areinviting residents in FORMBY to take a moment to have a free blood pressuretest on 13th April 2019 at 9.15 am. in the Chapel Lane Surgery inFormby Village.

Over halfof all strokes can be caused by high blood pressure and it is estimated thatover five million people across the UK don’t realise they have the condition.

Rotary Clubof Formby President Alan Gibson said: “Know YourBlood Pressure Day, on 13 April 2019, is all aboutraising awareness of the link between high blood pressure and stroke. Rotaryare supporting the Stroke Association with blood pressure events throughoutApril and the rest of the year. Rotary Club of Formby will be hosting freeblood pressure tests at the Chapel lane Surgery on 13th April this year.

Stroke strikes every five minutes in the UK, but with events like these,we hope to change this. A blood pressure test is quick and painless, and itcould save your life.”

In the past few years several Formby residents who attended the event havethanked Rotary and the Stroke Association for possibly saving their lives.

AlexisWieroniey, Deputy Director for Policy and Influencing at the StrokeAssociation,said: “High blood pressure often has no symptoms, and it’s much more commonthan people think. That’s why we’re urging as many FORMBY residents as possible to take amoment and have theirs checked at the Rotary Club of Formby’s eventon 13th April. A blood pressure check only takes a moment,and it’s such a simple way to reduce your risk of a stroke.”

At this event The Formby Rotary Club will also be collecting any spectacles that are no longer suitable from the public to be sent to poor counties of the world where they can be re-used.
13 Jan 2019 at 9:00am
until 13 Jan 2019 at 1:00pm
Elsworth Close
L37 2YS

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